Hardwood refinishing


When you need hardwood flooring, here is what to know

Hardwood refinishing is an essential service necessary from time to time if you have solid or engineered wood floors. This process is vital to keeping your floors looking newer and performing as they should for the lifespan expected of them. If you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a brief explanation of the service for your consideration.

Wood floor refinishing is important

Wood floor refinishing is an essential service primarily because it helps your floors reach their expected lifespan. Solid wood should last more than 100 years, and engineered flooring can provide 30 years or more with the proper care and maintenance. This process ensures this timeline can be met quickly, saving you money over time and giving you the stunning visuals you have always loved in this product line.

This process begins with a consultation that tells us how extensive the service will be and whether other repairs will be necessary during the process. We will let you know precisely how long the process will take before we begin, along with all the details and anything you can do before, during, and after the procedure. The first step is sanding, which strips away any damage or abuse, including scuffs, scratches, and stains, and leaves a fresh new wood layer to refinish.

When it is time to add stain and finish, you can either choose to go with the colors and options you had previously or choose a new décor-matching scheme of your choice. When the process is complete, a drying time can vary based on humidity, layers added, and more. Be sure to speak with an associate about your specific requirements when you visit us.



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Floor De Lis is a great place to choose the services for your hardwood floors, with an experienced staff of associates and technicians that are dedicated to your best results. We put our expertise to work on your remodel of any size, from start to finish. When you are ready to discuss the details of your refinishing, be sure to speak with our specialists.

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